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Oct 12, 2018

Dr. Joseph Braun, a Professor of Epidemiology at Brown University, is interested in studying the potential health consequences of environmental chemical exposures in pregnant women, infants, and children. More specifically, he has a special interest in studying how early life chemical exposures—ones that we can also modify—may influence obesity and neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD and autism.

Dr. Braun has been identified by peers as one of the top 20 pioneers under 40 in environmental public health. Dr. Braun was chosen for his exceptional work. According to a press release by the nonprofit organization, Collaborative on Health and the Environment, Dr. Braun’s work will pioneer environmental health science and catalyze policies and actions to protect the health of children, families, and communities.

In August 2017, I spoke to Dr. Braun. I wanted to learn what inspired him to research how early life exposures may affect our long term health. And I was also curious how he applies his expertise into healthy choices for his healthy living.

In addition to getting those questions answered, I got Joe’s top six detox recommendations for the average person. They involve drinking water, canned foods, plastics, carpets, cleaning, and organic foods.

Whether you’re already a parent, considering having children, or if you are just interested in healthy living, you’ll learn valuable information and helpful tips by listening to this conversation with Joe about our toxic exposures. Also remember that you can review the transcript for this on my website at

This is an important topic that we must keep learning more about.