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Apr 24, 2020

Dr. Marc Grossman, a leading holistic optometrist and international bestselling author, inspires us with how we can improve our eye health through an integrative approach.

Topics discussed:

  • It's never too late to improve your eyes!
  • A holistic lens through which to appreciate how we can support our eyes
  • Our eyes are made of the same stuff as our brains
  • Genetics often explains less than 20% of our eye conditions
  • Vision therapy
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, yoga, acupuncture
  • The influence on our eyes from stress, emotions, trauma, habits, lifestyle, diet, light (natural versus artificial)
  • Eye exercises and other simple things we can do to optimize our health, well-being, lifestyle, and eyes

Dr. Grossman’s latest co-created book is titled Natural Eye Care, Your Guide to Healthy Vision and Healing. Natural Eye Care is a landmark guide written to empower readers of every age to support and preserve healthy vision through the health of the whole body.

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Podcast composer: Chris Robertson