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Feb 1, 2017

Sandor Katz is a NY Times bestselling author of the books Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation. Among his loyal fans is renowned food writer Michael Pollan, who has referenced Sandor in his own books, and has turned to him as a fermentation teacher.

From my apartment in Manhattan, I spoke to Sandor via Skype while he was at his farm in rural Tennessee. I hope this podcast inspires you to consider fermented foods to enrich your gut flora. Sandor simplifies how to get started, including tips on making your own fermented vegetables. Listen to practical wisdom from this fermentation guru--a kind, humble, and fascinating cultural icon. It will reframe bacteria as a tool that can boost immunity, resilient health, and healing.

Highlights of what this episode covers are below.

  • The dangers & precautionary measures one should be aware of when fermenting
  • What to do with mold
  • The difference between pickling vs. fermenting, and health benefits of each
  • Various cultural practices of fermentation from around the globe
  • Probiotics vs fermentation, and whether probiotics are worth the money
  • Fermentation basics: what kind of salt, water, & vegetables should I use? How much of each? How long do I wait? Etc.
  • and so, so much more.

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