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Sep 29, 2021

Jozi Radus is the creator of the Unconscious Mapping System (UMS), which is a method that she designed to help clients transform their unconscious patterns into conscious choices. Her intention is to empower and liberate you through her method so that you can elevate your life experience.

In this episode:

  • How are unconscious mind affects our life experience—from our relationships with others and ourselves, work, expectations, etc.
  • How tapping into our unconscious mind can empower us to change our expectations, mindset, and patterns so that we can experience more joy, love, connection, and whatever else we desire
  • Jozi created the Unconscious Mapping System (UMS) to help us explore our unconscious mind
  • Jozi's mentor, Margaret Fields Kean, a renowned intuitive whose near-death experience catalyzed the formulation of the UMS to tap the unconscious body for healing
  • The unconscious mind affects your reality as well as our collective reality
  • Freedom, empowerment, and elevation are possible from tapping into the unconscious mind

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